Ian Emberton

Xerogrid LTD

Energy Freedom with off-grid Power; solar is now viable!

About Ian Emberton

Former professional motorcycle racer Ian Emberton turned his technical skills to making his own off grid solar electricity system in Spain over 10 years ago, having been quoted 30,000 Euros to get his rural property connected to the grid.
Realising there was great demand in rural areas, with a way to create new opportunity for people, he started importing, designing and supplying systems in addition to his motorcycle race business.
Forming Xerogrid just 3 years ago he has installed a wide range of systems in the UK and Spain covering canal boats, farms, country houses, new builds, and remote monitoring equipment, where electricity supply is scarce or unreliable.

Xerogrid distributes one of the world’s leading manufacturers of off grid tech; Outback Power and has installed Ghana’s largest independently owned solar system., which is monitored and controlled from the UK.

He passionately believes his technology can change lives, providing flexible energy independence and opening up new creative business opportunities in remote areas.

Ian will be on the stand 1270 Xerogrid , with Outback Powers senior sales and tech staff and will be happy to answer any questions about creating your own energy independence.

Ian Emberton, CEO of Xerogrid will explain just how ideal and reliably high tech, off-grid renewable energy systems are for rural and remote businesses (Farming, festivals, glamping, tourism). Addressing questions of viability, financial benefits be made clear, the priceless eco-benefits and long-term outlook of renewable systems will be discussed, including the additional surprising boosts to power that can be provided by small wind and hydro turbines. Ian will consider the implications of these multi-source systems in terms of them operating at night and during the less sunny times of our British seasons. In brief, Ian will explain how solar energy has become completely doable and offers a valid alternative to expensive connection fees to mains power or using a generator; this can have wide and exciting implications for rural businesses looking to creatively expand.

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