Richard Crane


Preparing for the future of farming

About Richard Crane

Richard is an audit and advisory partner at BKL, a leading firm of chartered accountants and tax advisers. He previously worked for Deloitte, where he was a partner for 17 years. He also spent three years at agricultural consultancy ADAS.

Many of Richard’s clients are business owners involved in farming, property management and the food processing/trading sectors. They appreciate his supportive, proactive style and his thoroughness.

Richard is a strong proponent of managing family wealth over the medium to long term. He offers support with continual planning for transferring roles, wealth and responsibilities between generations, as well as good governance and ensuring the underlying business continues to thrive.

As well as being an auditor, Richard’s tax knowledge is extensive, especially for private companies and individuals.

Adding to his first-class degree in Agriculture, Richard has first-hand knowledge of farming. He farms and manages property in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

With influences such as Brexit, the agricultural scene is changing. This seminar will give you an insight into these market changes and how to prepare your business. We’ll be focusing on capital tax planning from commercial activities. With the help of client case studies, we’ll cover: unsupported agriculture; diversification; scale and less active farmers; development activities or potential.

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