Tim Cook

Solarsense Ltd

Increased viability of Solar PV - falling panel prices & battery storage and Grants!

About Tim Cook

Tim has worked in renewable energy for over 9 years in the commercial and agricultural sectors.
Delivering solar PV & renewable energy systems for farms, working estates, schools, Universities and industrial premises.
Tim has a wealth of knowledge, including the financial benefits for business, of installing “Green energy” solutions. An expert in designing systems to obtain highest returns, access to lesser known grants & low interest finance.
Solarsense’s clients include: Duchy of Cornwall to Renishaw Plc, Glastonbury’s Michael Eavis to RSPB, Brabantia, to Riverford and over many others.
Dedicated to delivering farmers & commercial clients with the most suitable energy strategy in the fight against rising energy bills and climate change.
Tim’s talk will look at ways in which farms in particular can still make excellent savings & returns by getting involved before the end of the Feed in Tariff in 2019 & plan today for the electric car revolution headed our way.

Tim will deliver an informative update to show how the economics of installing PV has changed over the past few years, and more importantly what opportunities still exist today. He will also introduce the current Grant schemes available, highlight some cheap finance options & even offer details on “Free” fully funded systems to those using a large amount of energy onsite.

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